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Portlandia podcast discussion

Portlandia is a sketch comedy show that has enjoyed seven seasons so far. Despite its longevity and a slew of loyal viewers – and its reach into pop culture with phrases like “Put a bird on it!” – Portlandia may not exactly be the most well-known show we’ve ever discussed. It’s one of our favorites, though. Let’s talk about its clever hosts, our favorite characters and reoccurring skits on the show, as well as how Portlandia manages satire and political and social justice humor differently than other comedy out there today. Take a seat in Lance’s massage chair and grab a cup of Candace’s kombucha tea and let’s dream of the 90s together!

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We’re digging into the new Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. For the first time we have really mixed and conflicted feelings about a show that, on paper, should have been right up at least one of our alleys. Before we get into zombie talk, we discuss the last four episodes of The Good Place, so spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen that season 1 finale we spoil the major plot twist. Skip ahead if you haven’t caught up yet! Plus, there’s a small discussion on how Netflix has taken us back to the way network tv used to be.

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donald glover stars in the series atlanta

This week, we’re talking about the Golden Globe award winning show Atlanta starring Donald Glover. Fun fact: He used to be a writer on 30 Rock (with Tina Fey) and there’s a moment in the show that really reminded us of that. We talk about whether the category it won in (best comedy or musical) actually fits, and whether the show gets a positive dialogue going about issues regarding race and class. Plus, we clearly pick a favorite episode and character. Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen all ten episodes of the first season, you may want to save this podcast until after you binge!


Mad MenThis week, we’re talking about the AMC show Mad Men. Yes, the one that ended in 2015 after buying the world a Coke. We dig into the ways race was portrayed and how it evolved over the series. We also explore Don Draper/Dick Whitman and the relationships he had with Peggy, plus we go over some of our favorite episodes and pitches from The Wheel to The Suitcase. Listen for our hashtag and then use it on twitter to tell us what you think about our first ‘retro’ episode! And of course, if you haven’t seen the entire show, go watch it and then come back and listen, because there are spoilers all over the place from season 1 onward.

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Pop Culture Detectives the good place

This week on Pop Culture Detectives, we chat about the NBC comedy The Good Place starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. The show comes back from its mini-hiatus on January 5th to air the final four episodes before its long (and possibly permanent?) hiatus. We’ll discuss what we enjoy, which character is our MVP, and why it leaves us wondering how the story progresses beyond 13 episodes. At the beginning of the show, we pause to take a moment and remember Carrie Fisher. As a note, we recorded prior to the passing of Debbie Reynolds, but she and Carrie will both be a huge part of our lives as important pop culture legends. Listen all the way to the end of the episode for this week’s hashtag!

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Podcast about television and pop cultureWelcome to 2017! To kick off the year we are starting with a bonus episode, where we answer the questions you have sent to us over the past couple of months. We touch on a few “best of 2016” topics, speculate on the future, and fill you in on our favorite Starbucks beverages. It’s an eclectic mix of topics that we hope you enjoy on a lazy New Year’s Day Sunday!

And if you can’t wait for our next full episode of Pop Culture Detectives, good news: Our next episode will be out Wednesday.

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Podcast about Netflix's The Crown

This week we’re talking about Netflix’s latest pièce de resistance, The Crown. It’s the super high-budget, Golden Globe-nominated, royal bio-pic about Queen Elizabeth II. We discuss the many subtleties in this series, which we compare to Mad Men in both style and its ability to present inner turmoil rather than rely on a lot of external drama. We discuss the characters, the 1950s setting and how the show has had an impact on our views of history and present-day politics.

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Podcast about Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix

Well, we’ve done it, folks. We’ve made it through the entire Gilmore Girls revival, we’ve laughed and cried and maybe laughed while we were crying. Much like ‘Summer’ itself, we spend some time soaking in the Stars Hollow musical starring the lady who was Kinky Boots, dang it! We also delve into other things like Lorelai’s journey, how we feel about Rory’s version of being 30 and of course there’s discussion about Amy Sherman-Palladino’s famous final four words. Did they bring the show full circle or was it off-putting? Tune in to find out our verdict.

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podcast about gilmore girls revival a year in the life

We are switching up the format of Pop Culture Detectives, now focusing multiple podcast episodes on a specific television show! First up, we are discussing Netflix’s much-anticipated Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life. In this two-episode podcast series, we will focus on our impressions of “Winter” and “Spring” in the four-part Netflix event. We talk about how Gilmore Girls picked up right where they left off 9 years ago, how we felt seeing some of our favorite characters again, some first impressions of Lorelai and Rory and where they are now, and our total love and admiration for Emily Gilmore. Check back on Wednesday for our second Gilmore Girls podcast episode in this series: we’ll be discussing “Summer” and “Fall” (we can’t wait to talk about “Stars Hollow The Musical,” a big wedding and those final four words).

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Problematic faves

On this week’s brand new episode of Pop Culture Detectives, we talk about the Cinemax show Strike Back which lent itself to a new discussion: what makes a morally ambiguous character great? We talk about a few from different television shows, including a deeper look at Poldark being a possible “problematic fave.” Plus, Amanda chats about the new Netflix show The Crown and we both discuss Beyonce at the CMAs.