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Hello again! We are still on a permanent hiatus but many of our listeners have requested that we discuss Outlander (and more specifically, the big Claire/Jamie reunion episode that aired this past weekend, “A. Malcolm”).

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The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu

Brittany and Amanda got totally different messages from the Handmaid’s Tale. Brittany loved it, Amanda wasn’t so crazy about it. Where – and why – did our opinions contrast so deeply? Plus, we started out the episode talking a bit about some other things that have been on our radar lately – Brittany caught up on Scandal and Amanda finally watched the live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

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pop culture detectivesThere were over 1,400 television shows out there to watch this past tv season, from network hits to cable sleepers. With so much TV (plus adding in Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon) there’s no way we could cover every single show. That’s why this week, we’re bringing you our top three shows each that probably won’t have a dedicated podcast episode. For a few, seasons have ended or are in the process of ending but we were careful (except in the case of Blindspot, there’s a major spoiler in there so skip that one when it comes up if you need to) to give vague summaries of the shows and why they’re so good to curl up with.

We also want you to recommend shows to us! There’s no guarantee we’ll get to everything, but we consider each and every idea tossed our way! Next up is The Handmaid’s Tale which just wrapped on Hulu, so if you’ve been waiting for that one, you will get your wish in July!

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orange is the new black

We’ve got time… to talk about Orange is the New Black. This series is not for the faint of heart: the show that focuses on diverse women and dives into their turbulent backstories that ultimately led them to an all-women’s prison, is back for its fifth season. It’s a little too ambitious for us to cover every single one of the show’s impressionable story arcs, threads and tangents in just one episode of Pop Culture Detectives, so we hone in on a few that left the biggest mark this season, including Suzanne and her ongoing struggles, Taystee’s relentless cries for justice, and the many other characters who dealt with – or were simply wrapped up in – the aftermath of Poussey’s death in the last season finale.  While the show offers some levity in its comedic tangents, ultimately we realize that there are a lot of sobering real-world parallels to this drama and we can’t help but wonder whether this show will ever wrap on a hopeful note while still doing its characters, and their realistic struggles, justice.


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Sing it with us now: “Mmmmmmmm, dammit!”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (starring Ellie Kemper as the titular character) is back on Netflix for a third season with a ton of themes surrounding gentrification, social issues and female culture (created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock). We discuss a little bit about why people call the show “problematic” and try to pinpoint some of our favorite moments. It’s a near impossible task when quotable moments happen every other sentence. From Titus “Lemonading” to Lillian trying her hand at politics, we cover it all.

Plus, Brittany talks a little about how her own viewing habits have changed. Do people feel like they have  to watch things live anymore, or are we living in a binge world now?

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pop culture detectives brittany and amanda

Welcome back to another episode of Pop Culture Detectives! This week, we start with just a little tv cancellation/renewal chatter, then jump into talking about the CBC/Netflix season one release of Anne. For some reason in the US (not sure about anywhere else) it’s being billed as “Anne with an ‘E'” which seems unnecessary, but what can you do? This was definitely a darker take, and one thing you’ll hear us mention is that it should have been billed as something inspired by the original story of Anne of Green Gables. Our expectation as fans was that this would stay mostly true to something that’s been a classic for over 100 years, so we’ll talk about whether or not we thought that was successful.


Welcome back to Pop Culture Detectives! This week, ahead of Netflix releasing Anne, we re-watched (in Brittany’s case, watched for the first time) the original mini-series starring Megan Follows. If she looks a tiny bit familiar to you, you might recognize her as Queen Catherine de’ Medici in the CW show Reign. We discuss what messages L.M. Montgomery might have been trying to convey, and what our hopes are for the remake which will also air on the CBC in Canada.


Netflix's Grace and Frankie a great series about women

Welcome back to Pop Culture Detectives, everyone! We’re glad to be back and bringing you the hit Netflix show Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Not only do we dig into the most recent season (spoiler alert! …yes, we do reveal major plot points, so make sure you’ve caught up), but we also go back to seasons one and two to discuss how the show has evolved and while the focus shifts from the title characters to their ex-spouses and even their children, it always seems to come back around to the ladies.

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Portlandia podcast discussion

Portlandia is a sketch comedy show that has enjoyed seven seasons so far. Despite its longevity and a slew of loyal viewers – and its reach into pop culture with phrases like “Put a bird on it!” – Portlandia may not exactly be the most well-known show we’ve ever discussed. It’s one of our favorites, though. Let’s talk about its clever hosts, our favorite characters and reoccurring skits on the show, as well as how Portlandia manages satire and political and social justice humor differently than other comedy out there today. Take a seat in Lance’s massage chair and grab a cup of Candace’s kombucha tea and let’s dream of the 90s together!

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We’re digging into the new Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. For the first time we have really mixed and conflicted feelings about a show that, on paper, should have been right up at least one of our alleys. Before we get into zombie talk, we discuss the last four episodes of The Good Place, so spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen that season 1 finale we spoil the major plot twist. Skip ahead if you haven’t caught up yet! Plus, there’s a small discussion on how Netflix has taken us back to the way network tv used to be.