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Pop Culture Detectives 13: Ghostbusters & Leading Ladies

ghostbusters remake movie review and women in film

Last weekend, we ate popcorn and watched four funny leading ladies smash the glass ceiling. We review the Ghostbusters remake (including a few of our impressions surrounding the controversy of this film). Speaking of leading ladies, Brittany has unexpectedly traveled through some standing stones and landed in an 18th century romance/drama tv series: that’s right, she’s fallen hard for the world of Outlander. She lets us know what she thought of the first six episodes in the series, and Amanda tries to avoid giving away any spoilers. Oh, and just in case this episode didn’t have enough girl power (is it still ok to say “girl power” or is that too Spice Girls of us?) We run down a list of our favorite talented, entertaining and inspiring women in movies, books and film.

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