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Pop Culture Detectives 21: Fictional Favorites

podcast about tv characters we wish were real

Have you ever wished that a fictional character could be pulled out of their world and into your life? Maybe it’s a politician who actually seems to want great things for everyone, or a football coach and his wife with hearts of gold. Whoever it is, you’re certainly not alone in thinking it’d be amazing to see some of your favorite characters in real life. This week we talk about the characters who fit certain criteria for popping over to our side of reality that we would most want to hang out with, be best friends with or maybe even smooch.

Plus, a little bit of pop culture news and a hiatus announcement! We’ll be taking the next five weeks off, but never fear! We’ll be back on October 19th with a brand new episode. Make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast app so you can catch us as soon as we return!

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