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Pop Culture Detectives 26: Gilmore Girls: Winter & Spring

podcast about gilmore girls revival a year in the life

We are switching up the format of Pop Culture Detectives, now focusing multiple podcast episodes on a specific television show! First up, we are discussing Netflix’s much-anticipated Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life. In this two-episode podcast series, we will focus on our impressions of “Winter” and “Spring” in the four-part Netflix event. We talk about how Gilmore Girls picked up right where they left off 9 years ago, how we felt seeing some of our favorite characters again, some first impressions of Lorelai and Rory and where they are now, and our total love and admiration for Emily Gilmore. Check back on Wednesday for our second Gilmore Girls podcast episode in this series: we’ll be discussing “Summer” and “Fall” (we can’t wait to talk about “Stars Hollow The Musical,” a big wedding and those final four words).

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