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Pop Culture Detectives 39: Orange is the New Black

orange is the new black

We’ve got time… to talk about Orange is the New Black. This series is not for the faint of heart: the show that focuses on diverse women and dives into their turbulent backstories that ultimately led them to an all-women’s prison, is back for its fifth season. It’s a little too ambitious for us to cover every single one of the show’s impressionable story arcs, threads and tangents in just one episode of Pop Culture Detectives, so we hone in on a few that left the biggest mark this season, including Suzanne and her ongoing struggles, Taystee’s relentless cries for justice, and the many other characters who dealt with – or were simply wrapped up in – the aftermath of Poussey’s death in the last season finale.  While the show offers some levity in its comedic tangents, ultimately we realize that there are a lot of sobering real-world parallels to this drama and we can’t help but wonder whether this show will ever wrap on a hopeful note while still doing its characters, and their realistic struggles, justice.

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