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Pop Culture Detectives 40: Miscellaneous TV Shows

pop culture detectivesThere were over 1,400 television shows out there to watch this past tv season, from network hits to cable sleepers. With so much TV (plus adding in Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon) there’s no way we could cover every single show. That’s why this week, we’re bringing you our top three shows each that probably won’t have a dedicated podcast episode. For a few, seasons have ended or are in the process of ending but we were careful (except in the case of Blindspot, there’s a major spoiler in there so skip that one when it comes up if you need to) to give vague summaries of the shows and why they’re so good to curl up with.

We also want you to recommend shows to us! There’s no guarantee we’ll get to everything, but we consider each and every idea tossed our way! Next up is The Handmaid’s Tale which just wrapped on Hulu, so if you’ve been waiting for that one, you will get your wish in July!

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