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Welcome to Pop Culture Detectives! We’re two 30-somethings who love the arts and media and discussing what it all means to us in our crazy lives. Every Wednesday we select a television show or streaming series to talk about, from the latest bingeworthy hits to classics we think everyone should see. Our goal is to help start a conversation, whether it’s about a broader television-related topic or a theory about a newly-released series.

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More about us!

Although we live thousands of miles apart, we have many shared interests ranging from reading historical fiction to shopping Sephora’s annual VIB sale. We’ve been podcasting together since 2013 on our podcast dedicated to Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Podcast.


Amanda (@amanda_navarra ) is currently a writer and editor during the day and casual Instagrammer, Tweeter and YouTube binge-watcher by night. She loves historical fiction – from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, to Outlander, to Poldark – along with a healthy dose of fairy tales (she’s a fan of Once Upon a Time and Harry Potter). Amanda has also been a freelance journalist for over a decade, with her work appearing in print, blog and video format.


Procrastinator by day and avid television watcher at night, Brittany (@britt_duke) is involved in a fair few fandoms other than OUAT, including but not limited to: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Harry Potter (a proud Hufflepuff!) and Orphan Black. In addition to Pop Culture Detectives and Once Upon a Podcast, Brittany co-hosted the TV Talk Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. podcast, has been a guest host on The Walking Dead’Cast, and wrote for a television recap and review site.