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From Fuller House to Gilmore Girls and X Files - why all of the television reboots?

Hey everyone! For our first full-length Pop Culture Detectives podcast episode, we ask what’s up with movies and television shows always catering towards Millennials and their (alleged) obsession with nostalgia? We take a look at how – and why – Hollywood is catering to a generation by constantly rebooting or remaking oldies but goodies for contemporary audiences. Do we really need – or even want – all of these blasts from the past?

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Podcast Episodes

Welcome to a brand new podcast by Amanda and Brittany, called Pop Culture Detectives! We discuss the latest in books, movies and television shows we love. This short introduction is just to say hello, and stick around if you want to hear us play a little game. See you soon for our first full-length episode!

About us

We are Brittany and Amanda from Once Upon a Podcast, a Once Upon a Time podcast with thousands of unique listeners every week. Soon, we’ll be launching a brand new podcast about the wide world of pop culture: television, movies, books, online media and more. We always keep an eye on what diverse, open-minded and fun-loving fans should look for. Oh, and Brittany knows literally everything about tv, so it’s kind of like a crash course in every television related topic ever.

On a related note, we love wine. We are now accepting wine sponsors (aka send us a bottle of wine and we’ll review it favorably on our podcast).

See you soon!

-Brittany and Amanda