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orange is the new black

We’ve got time… to talk about Orange is the New Black. This series is not for the faint of heart: the show that focuses on diverse women and dives into their turbulent backstories that ultimately led them to an all-women’s prison, is back for its fifth season. It’s a little too ambitious for us to cover every single one of the show’s impressionable story arcs, threads and tangents in just one episode of Pop Culture Detectives, so we hone in on a few that left the biggest mark this season, including Suzanne and her ongoing struggles, Taystee’s relentless cries for justice, and the many other characters who dealt with – or were simply wrapped up in – the aftermath of Poussey’s death in the last season finale.  While the show offers some levity in its comedic tangents, ultimately we realize that there are a lot of sobering real-world parallels to this drama and we can’t help but wonder whether this show will ever wrap on a hopeful note while still doing its characters, and their realistic struggles, justice.


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Sing it with us now: “Mmmmmmmm, dammit!”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (starring Ellie Kemper as the titular character) is back on Netflix for a third season with a ton of themes surrounding gentrification, social issues and female culture (created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock). We discuss a little bit about why people call the show “problematic” and try to pinpoint some of our favorite moments. It’s a near impossible task when quotable moments happen every other sentence. From Titus “Lemonading” to Lillian trying her hand at politics, we cover it all.

Plus, Brittany talks a little about how her own viewing habits have changed. Do people feel like they have  to watch things live anymore, or are we living in a binge world now?

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pop culture detectives brittany and amanda

Welcome back to another episode of Pop Culture Detectives! This week, we start with just a little tv cancellation/renewal chatter, then jump into talking about the CBC/Netflix season one release of Anne. For some reason in the US (not sure about anywhere else) it’s being billed as “Anne with an ‘E'” which seems unnecessary, but what can you do? This was definitely a darker take, and one thing you’ll hear us mention is that it should have been billed as something inspired by the original story of Anne of Green Gables. Our expectation as fans was that this would stay mostly true to something that’s been a classic for over 100 years, so we’ll talk about whether or not we thought that was successful.


Netflix's Grace and Frankie a great series about women

Welcome back to Pop Culture Detectives, everyone! We’re glad to be back and bringing you the hit Netflix show Grace and Frankie, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Not only do we dig into the most recent season (spoiler alert! …yes, we do reveal major plot points, so make sure you’ve caught up), but we also go back to seasons one and two to discuss how the show has evolved and while the focus shifts from the title characters to their ex-spouses and even their children, it always seems to come back around to the ladies.

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Podcast about Netflix's The Crown

This week we’re talking about Netflix’s latest pièce de resistance, The Crown. It’s the super high-budget, Golden Globe-nominated, royal bio-pic about Queen Elizabeth II. We discuss the many subtleties in this series, which we compare to Mad Men in both style and its ability to present inner turmoil rather than rely on a lot of external drama. We discuss the characters, the 1950s setting and how the show has had an impact on our views of history and present-day politics.

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podcast about gilmore girls revival a year in the life

We are switching up the format of Pop Culture Detectives, now focusing multiple podcast episodes on a specific television show! First up, we are discussing Netflix’s much-anticipated Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life. In this two-episode podcast series, we will focus on our impressions of “Winter” and “Spring” in the four-part Netflix event. We talk about how Gilmore Girls picked up right where they left off 9 years ago, how we felt seeing some of our favorite characters again, some first impressions of Lorelai and Rory and where they are now, and our total love and admiration for Emily Gilmore. Check back on Wednesday for our second Gilmore Girls podcast episode in this series: we’ll be discussing “Summer” and “Fall” (we can’t wait to talk about “Stars Hollow The Musical,” a big wedding and those final four words).

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movies and documentaries about food

Mmmm… food. Good when it’s fresh, hot, and, well, cooked by a celebrity chef on a dramatic reality television series. This week we’re exploring our favorite odes to the culinary world in documentary, television and movie format. What are some of our favorite, Grade-A, absolutely delectable shows and movies that revolve around cuisine? Whether on the Food Network, Netflix, or on the silver screen, our smorgasbord of choices leave something for everyone! Plus, we take a quick look into what’s happening in entertainment this week – including the news of Muhammad Ali’s passing and how we really feel about Disney’s upcoming Mary Poppins remake.

Shows, movies, chefs and documentaries mentioned in the podcast episode this week: Chopped, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations/The Layover/Parts Unknown, Cutthroat Kitchen, The Hundred Foot Journey, Alton Brown, Chef’s Table, Cooked, Haute Cuisine.

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Our favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix

What’s better than staying in and watching, oh, 20 hours or so of an awesome television show on Netflix? This week, we recommend some of our favorite shows to binge watch on Netflix. And because what is Netflix without a chill – or rather, a chilled drink –  we recommend the best drinks to go with these television shows. From Grace and Frankie to Firefly, Lost to Gilmore Girls, Cuckoo to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, let’s take a look at some of our all-time favorite shows to sit back, relax and watch.

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